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XUE - Universal Oven Essentiel
XUELT - Universal oven low temperature
XUEHT - Universal oven high temperature
XBR - Cooled Incubator
XAS - Glassware Drying Cabinet
XFE - Vacuum Oven low vacuum
XFP - Vacuum oven Professionnal
XL - Industrial Oven
XXL - Large Industrial Oven
XHT - High temperature oven
XM - Modular Oven
XKL - Laboratory Furnace
Process control system - FE3000
Temperature controler C3000
Temperature controler C3030
Temperature controler C6000
Temperature controller WEST 4400
Temperature controller WEST 6100+
Temperature controller WEST N6400
Profiler + digital recorder NANODAC
P0009 - Replacement : C3000 v3 / C3000 v4
P0003 - Replacement : Angle connector HE13 (PT100 probe) on C3000 v3
P0016 - Replacement : solid state relay
P0032 - Replacement fan 440273
C3000 software Driver
How to use C3000 software driver
C3030 and C6000 software Drivers