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Extraction des substances volatiles dans du silicone
Technical Data
  • Field of Activity Salles blanches
  • Chamber Volume 4.5 m3
  • Max temperature 200 °C
Oven for extracting volatile substances from silicon.
    Technical data:
  • Working volume: 4500 L
  • Internal dimensions WxDxH : 1500x2000x1500 mm
  • Total installed capacity: 81,5 kVA
  • Maxi temperature: 200°C
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H059 H059_02
The oven was designed to be placed in an ISO8 clean room (class 100000): it is placed outside the clean room; only the door and the control panel are built in and accessible from the clean room. A special insulation was designed to ensure air tightness between the clean room and the technical room. The inner casing of the oven is composed of 304L stainless steel made airtight by continuous weld. A controller-profiler-recorder ensures temperature control, the creation of 100 programs maximum and the recording of temperatures measured inside the oven. A USB port allows you to retrieve the saved data. The oven is equipped with a forced air change extractor. The air change flow may be set between 0 et 900m3/h on the controller. The air change inlet and outlet are equipped with motorized flaps controlled by the temperature controller. New fresh air is taken from the clean room. The connection of the air outlet was designed to go to the roof. A special duct was designed for the discharge. Ventilation is horizontal. An air diffuser was installed and adjusted in factory in order to get the best possible hot air distribution according to the loading type. An electronic device allows you to set a temperature above which the doors will be locked thanks to electromagnetic locks. Independent electronic and mechanic safeties take in charge the control in case of failure of the main temperature controller and allow to cut off heating in case of overheating. An insulating plate must be placed under the oven in order to limit thermal dissipation at this place.