The applications such as the maintenance and the burn-in and qualification testing of down-hole electronic logging equipment for the petroleum industry and the polymerization of very long composites parts (helicopter or windmill blades) have required the production of top loading ovens, speciality of FRANCE ETUVES.

The standard top loading ovens are 4 m long and have a 360L working volume. They heat up to 200°C (280°C in option and with the addition of a cooled air generator they can cool up to -40°C).

The inner casing is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel bright polished. The outer casing, made of sheet steel, is finished in tough stoved epoxy paint RAL7035 or colours desired by the customer. The oven is on a robust frame with swivel and braked casters allowing to easily move the oven.
On the top picture, the two extremities of the oven can be easily removed to connect end-to-end 2 or several ovens of this type. This system allows to adapt the oven to the lengths of the different parts to dry and to assure in safety the continuity of the process.

The opening of the door at 90° allows a top loading for an easy loading. The ventilation speed is adjusted so as to speed up the drying phase and the temperature homogenization in the oven. The hot air is horizontally distributed in the whole working volume. Adjustable deflectors allow to adapt the direction of the airflow.
The temperature is constantly and precisely controlled. The control is assured thanks to a PID digital controller. A thermostat prevents possible overheating.

A lot of options are forecasted and created specifications after specifications.

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