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Some key points to choose a "good vacuum oven":

- the quality of its construction which validates the required performance
- the optimized design which gives exceptional performance
- solid construction which guarantees total safety
- radiant heating which allows meticulous cleaning
- the thickness of the window which is an element of security
- the connection to the vacuum pump which must be easy and adapt to all models
- simple vacuum regulation
- aluminum tray which distributes the heat evenly
- temperature controls which are easily carried out with precision and reliability
- perfect insulation
- the tightness of the door
- mastery of vacuum temperature control

XFM vacuum ovens are suitable for sensitive product drying applications*, outgassing, thermal treatments of oxidizable materials, quick drying of powders and granulates...

* For any drying application, please contact us to explain exactly your need to +33 164213060. We will help you to find the products adapted to your needs.

Max temperature : 200°C**
** We can make vacuum ovens above 200°C, consult us !

Vacuum range (absolute pressure) :
up to 10-² mbar

6 sizes : 20, 51, 110, 220, 316 and 512 liters.

Robust build
for lasting performances.

The outside of the vacuum ovens is made of steel covered with white and blue epoxy paint.
The inner casing is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

The outer casing is separated from the inner casing to prevent any loss of heat.
Non-asbestos insulation allows low surface temperatures, reduced power consumption and rapid temperature rise.

Thick safety glass window which avoid overpressure.

The seal on the door is guaranteed by a long-life silicone gasket. It can be replaced with a viton seal (option). Locking by adjustable clamps

Rounded corners and removable racks allow easy cleaning.

Reliable temperature
on your products.

Heating is ensured by heating elements located on outer faces of the inner casing for best homogeneity.
XFM vacuum ovens have 2 temperature sensors : 1 probe fastened on the side, 1 other is mobile to be integrated on your product. The controller automatically adjusts the temperature of the walls for a perfect precision on your products.

Easy temperature measurements !

An DN16 KF entry port allows to insert up to 4 temperature probes.

A reliable connection
of your vacuum pump.

The electrical connection of the vacuum pump is made directly to the back of the oven. A KF-type connector allows air to be pumped and a nipple ensures air release.

One device,
complete management !

The ovens are controlled by a 5.7" color touch screen controller. Very intuitive and easy to use.

Automatic control and real-time monitoring of temperature measured by a thermocouple probe J.

High precision PID control. Several modes of vacuum regulation are possible : maximum vacuum level of the pump; maintaining a constant pressure. Automatic control of solenoid valves for changing the vacuum level. Real-time monitoring of vaccum level.

A USB port is used to store process data (vacuum temperatures and vacuum levels). These values can only be used by the controller.

Note : The oven can be controlled via a PC with an RJ45 cable.

Protections for your oven
and your products.

An adjustable and non-resettable mechanical thermostat (class 3.1 protection) protects the oven / product against overheating. It measures the temperature in the volume, and supports the regulation in case of failure of the temperature controller.

It stops heating until the temperature has dropped below the value of its setting.
With visual and audible alarm.

The controller has an additional alarm function that follows the setpoint temperature of your oven. At any time, when the measured temperature exceeds 5°C, the power circuit of the oven is cut.

Easy loading and unloading

1 aluminium tray provided.

Multiple load levels.

Maximum load distributed on a tray up to 30 kg.

Anti-tilting guide bars.

Easy removable racks for easy cleaning.

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