Your oven is still working but needs to be renovated or standardized? Your oven is old and satisfies you but has just broken down?

Specialist in ovens for more than 15 years, the FRANCE ETUVES company can restore it, improve its performance or ass functionalities to it.

The Design Office of FRANCE ETUVES is composed of skilled technicians, able to design and perform all types of renovations or standardizations.

Some examples of renovations:

No. 9724, performed repairs:

- Replacement of the inner casing,

- Renovation of the access ramp,

- External paint,

- Modification of the door locking system.

No. J708, performed repairs:

- Insulation of the top part,

- Cleaning of the heating elements connections,

- Electrical wiring,

- Temperature calibration 1 point.

We perform all types of renovations:

- Standardization of your oven,
- Electric box,
- Wiring,
- New system of control,
- Insulation replacement,
- Replacement of defective parts: engines, heating elements, locking system…
- Replacement of sealing devices,
- Paint,
- Addition of new elements: casters and other handling systems, windows, vacuum ports, plugs for mobile probes, FE3000 supervision system…
- …

Don’t hesitate to contact our Sales department to study the renovation of your old ovens!
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