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Drawings of the Engineering Department:

All the ovens that we manufacture have been designed in 3D by our engineers before their entrance in the manufacturing process. When an oven is launched in production, engineers print all drawings and the nomenclature. All drawings are sent to our sheet metal manufacture and the assembly line. The nomenclature is sent to the inventory which does the necessary to order all special components.

The mother company FRANCE-ETUVES has realized a technology transfer to HELYA PRECISION OVENS. All our ovens are designed following the french company experiment. Our chinese engineers have been teached by our french engineers to provide the best quality to manufacture ovens for our customers.

We design and manufacture ovens following the european quality requirements. That's why many famous companies located in China consult us to equip their production line.

Control Quality_control1
Control Quality_control2

Nine set points control temperature available as an option for all oven's range:

On the right picture, you can see a report sample for a special industrial oven (XL643) after a nine set points temperature control. The temperature chart is really straight, which proves that the homogeneity of this oven is perfect. We control the homogeneity of the smallest volume like 20 liters, big volumes like 900 liters, until very large volumes like 68,000 liters.

Thick insulation for user safety and the lowest energy cost!

The glasswool or fiberglass (depending on ovens/incubators) is used to separate each side of the inner-casing from the outer-casing. We pay attention to the quality of the glasswool we use for the user safety. Actually, each glasswool are degassing during their heating. Some poor quality of glasswool can cause a lung cancer! That's why our glasswool has been tested by PONY, an international testing group. Their conclusion was that our glasswool is safe for users (MSDS Report n°0907093-091-1 of 2009-07-15).

By the utilisation of high quality insulation materials, and by reducing heat bridges from inner-casing to outer-casing, we provide the best heating quality and the lowest energy cost for an oven. A well insulated oven will keep the heat inside the inner-casing and avoid to keep heating element heating to their maximum power during the use of the oven.

France-Etuves focus on the welding quality

You can see on this picture that for all doors, we add some reinforced steel. This door will be setted on a 300°C oven. At 300°C, if the door is not reinforced, the sheet metal will bend. If a door is bent, the heated air leave the inner casing, and we loose the good homogeneity.

Applications App_welding_door
Control Regulateur-C3000

C3000 Controller: Made by FRANCE-ETUVES

The regulation must guarantee the highest possible temperature stability. The regulation stability must not fluctuate more than few tenths of degrees. A lot of ovens manufacturer are using a controller not very convenient for an oven. And those controller are also expensive, and don’t answer to the main request of customers.

Since six years, we program and design our own controller. Our controller offers a large choice of functions to the user. For example choose the rampe of the temperature increase, how many degrees per minute, the set point temperature, and the period of stabilization at the set point temperature (with timer).

C3030 Controller: Made by FRANCE-ETUVES

The last generation of microcontroler temperature control card, designed by France Etuves.
XUE C3030-200

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