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FRANCE-ETUVES designs, manufactures and markets ovens for laboratory and industry applications.

LABORATORY OVENS used in the medical laboratories of biology, bacteriology, chemistry, and research, being appropriate for all the applications of culture of bacteria, drying, hot conservation, sterilization, glassware drying, calcination… Standard sizes from 27 to 980 liters. The temperature is controlled very precisely from 0°C to 300°C depending on the models (1000°C for the calcination).

INDUSTRIAL OVENS used in many industries for tests and process of manufacture: electronics, car, plastic, rubber, glass, mechanics, cement factory, chemistry, paper mill, agroalimentary, public works... They allow operations of drying, polymerization, vulcanization, pre-heating of mould, heat treatment, ageing of components, stabilization of plastics, vacuum degassing... The temperature can fluctuate from 50°C to 500°C. Standard sizes from 125 liters to 8 m3, but they are generally adapted to treated parts. We manufacture special ovens of several hundreds of m3.


The company FRANCE ETUVES was founded in June 2000 following the acquisition of the SPAME company established in Paris.

1937 : Foundation of the company SPAME in Paris.

1970 : Management is ensured by the founder's son.

1996 : Takeover of the SPAME company by Philippe LEMBLÉ, which has the objective to expand the business and make it the recognized specialist in ovens for all applications.

1998 : Moving from Paris to larger premises in CHELLES (77).

2000 : The company FRANCE ETUVES was created in June 2000. It’s the trade brand of the SPAME ovens.

The setting up of the Internet website ensures the commercial showcase of FRANCE ETUVES on the Web and attracts new customers in France and abroad.

We have created an online store to help customers to order easily and quickly ovens and spare parts.
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