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To better serve you, we have developed a new Customer Area. So you can :
- access your personal data,
- see current quotes,
- find the list of your ovens and the various documents associated with them,
- see the nomenclature of your ovens and buy spare parts, or request a quote,
- make requests to our technical support and follow your exchanges,
- download the documentation of our ovens, the instructions for use, the procedures for replacing parts, etc.
- and many other things ...

Choose FRANCE-ETUVES products is an assured serenity !

The design of our ovens facilitates change of defective items. These operations are accessible to all qualified techniciens.

Our technicians are authorized and continuously trained to repair your machine quickly.

We track spare parts beyond the warranty period.

Our telephone platform provides you an efficient support and helps you find a satisfactory solution.

Services :
(On France-Etuves products. For other brands, a study must be made in advance)

1. Installation
2. Commissioning
3. Training
4. Metrology control with certified standard
5. Reparation
6. Preventive maintenance

Tel : +33 1 70 17 68 81
Monday - Friday (9h-12h, 13h-17h30)

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