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XM range options :

Ref Image Description
OG9001 Temperature up to 300°C

OG9005 Fan speed controller
The fan speed influences the interior homogeneity as well as the temperature rise time.
OG9006 Door with viewing window
You will be able to see and control inside the oven. The surface temperature around the window and the power consumption will be higher. The temperature uniformity will be affected.
OG9008 Digital weekly program timer
Set times of operation of the oven for each day of the week. Ventilation is stopped only when the oven temperature has fallen to 80°C to prevent damage to the fans.
OG9021 Temperature profiler
4 programs with 16 steps each. allows you to heat at different temperatures during your process or provide progressive temperature decreases.
OG9023 Additionnal probe

OG9030 Factory calibration certificate 1 point 1 temperature
Measurement in the center of the working chamber at 105°C, 150°C or 200°C (according to FD X 15-140).
OG9031 Homogeneity control 1 temperature (105,150 or 200°C)
Measurement at 9 or 15 points in the working chamber at 105°C, 150°C or 200°C (according to FD X 15-140).
OG9034 Air cooling extractor
Enables cooling the temperature in the working volume at the end of the cycle.
OG9038 Work chamber lighting

OG9045 Air outlet extractor
Evacuates the exhaust air into a duct system.
OG9047 Access port diameter 60 mm
Centered on the left side. Allows the passage of cables or sensors.
OG9050 Vertical lift door

OG9051 Simple internal vacuum port
Port for vacuum. Self-sealing quick connector. Valve outside the oven.
OG9052 Controlled internal vacuum port
Controlled connection and vacuum pump. Self-sealing quick connector. Vacuum and measure connectors. Solenoid valve outside. Vacuum sensor. Max temperature : 250°C.
OG9053 Thermocouple plug

OG9055 Oven process control system
Allows full and secure control of your oven. PC with large touch screen, easy to use. All data is stored and available from any computer on the network.
OG9057 Additional section

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