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Our XFL vacuum ovens are suitable to realise all those applications:

- Moderate drying for sensitive products
- Fast drying
- Degassing / Degassing of metal
- Bleeding
- Heating of metal parts for surface treatment
- The vacuum avoids oxidation by air
- Polymerization vacuum -> without oxidation
- Degassing silicone parts for manufacturers of connectors
- Sensor of high pressure that must be filled with special oil to protect the sensing element: remove the air from the cavity to fill with oil (vacuum)
- Test / Calibration of barometers
- Degassing gel candles to eliminate air bubbles
- Dehydration of powder solvend soaked

Spacial applications :

When a satellite is launched in space, its components will begin to degas. To avoid problems such as pollution in precision optics in the case of an observation’s satellite, we can force the degassing before the launch by heating under vacuum.

Degassing pieces :

Degassing pieces of high precision for Formula One engine, before surface treatment.

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