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Achievements examples

N044 : Vacuum oven, 10-6 mbar range
Max temperature : 200°C

- electromagnetic closure
- Subframe with castors
- additional thermostat with reset
- Viton seal
- 2 heating plates
- ISO8 cleanroom compatible
- Dry primary pump + Turbo molecular pump with controller
- 3-color light + buzzer
- Electro polished Inox304 inner casing
- Compressed air reserve for power cut / compressed air cut safety

FE3000 supervision system :
Product monitoring, security to prevent overheating of the product. Acquisition of all parameters : Pressures, set temperature, temperature measurement of trays, walls, products. Audit report. Control through network.

M346 : Vacuum ovens, 10-6 mbar range
Max temperature : 250°C
Cleanroom ISO7.

Stainless steel inner casing

- Inner casing without racks
- electro-polishing
- 2 DN63 CF connections with a center distance of 200mm (+/-50)
- 2 DN50 KF connections
- 1 DN100 isoK connection (pumping)
- 1 DN16 KF connection for temperature control probes
- 1 DN16 KF connection for vacuum breaking angle valve
- sealing by ungreased viton seal
- helium control with report
- 2 aluminum trays on stackable spacers: 1 level 50 mm from the floor, 1 level 250 mm from the floor


- 4 heavy load directional castors with brakes
- integration of the ACP15 primary pump (pump enhancement for easier maintenance)
- vacuum control integrated in the front of the base (turbo controller + vacuum display)
- perforated plate (4 holes Ø 22.5 mm) for future integration of buttons (+ a full plate for cleanliness)
- sound insulation of the plinth walls
- side panels with quarter-turn slit closures
- 220V 16A socket at the rear controlled by a switch on the front for the connection of the chiller.

Installation of the pumping unit

- cold trap with orientation of the pipes on the sleeper side
- slide valve after the cold trap (actuator mounting upwards)
- flange with tap for vacuum gauge after the slide valve
- turbo pump after the flange


- Temperature and vacuum controller
- temperature profiler (4 programs with 16 steps)
- manual mode for controlling the turbo controller - slide valve - vacuum breaking valve
- password-protected manual mode (admin level)
- 2 0-10V outputs for exporting temperature and vacuum data

Other examples

Application: layers heating on quartz

Vacuum range : 10-6 mbar
Size : 120 liters
Max temperature : 400°C
Wall heating
2 heating plates

Air-cooled stainless steel inner casing (2x 100 m³/h)
Water-cooled joint support flange
DN160 flange for water-cooled turbo

Vacuum range : 10-6 mbar
Size : 120 liters
Max temperature : 200°C
Heating plates
Wall heating
Heating programmer

Turbo pump: 700 l / s Varian
Primary pump Triscroll 12 m³/h
Primary vacuum measurement: TC536 thermocouple
Secondary vacuum measurement : Jauge BAYARD ALPERT 572

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